10.52ct Tanzanite Custom Ring

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Tanzanite in 18kt Gold Custom Ring

This ring is a truly fierce style for a fabulous example of top-quality tanzanite.

This 10.52ct tanzanite is exceptionally well cut, so it is lively and bright in its rich 18kt bezel. This particular stone is a shining example of something that makes tanzanite truly special: this exhibits pleochroism, or the ability to show multiple colors from different angles. It does not change color, so you are able to see multiple colors at once, which gives a deep complexity to the appearance of the stone. This tanzanite shows a deep blue, a rich purple, and flashes of red fireworks.

The other factor which makes this particular tanzanite a standout is the intense saturation of the color. Tanzanite rough is graded at the mines by saturation, not by color. The deepest and most intense levels of saturation are the most valuable, and this stone has it all!

This outstanding, heavily made custom 18kt ring is a perfect showcase for such an incredible stone. The polished grooves contrast with the matte finish, and there is a small line of exquisite diamonds hugging each shoulder. Just enough for texture!

This ring measures just about 15.2mm across at the top, and tapers to about 3.5mm across at the bottom of the shank. This ring was made in the USA.