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 With nearly twenty years of experience in the gem and jewelry trade, Cynthia Scott is proud to present her collection online for your shopping pleasure. This jewelry collection features both Cynthia's original designs as well as a highly curated selection of works by other exceptional designers and artists. Cynthia's passion for exquisite gems and artisan craftsmanship are the hallmarks of this body of work.

All colored gemstone and carved gemstone pieces are true one of a kinds, and are only available through Cynthia Scott Jewelry.



Born and raised in the interior of Alaska, Cynthia Scott's interest in gemstones and jewelry design were fostered from an early age. A childhood gift of a rock tumbler triggered a lifelong fascination with minerals, gems, and fossils. Her grandmother especially encouraged her early efforts at designing jewelry; she ordered special beads and organized projects, and gifted Cynthia a fascinating book on the history of beads.

The long dark winters of Cynthia's Alaskan childhood were regularly punctuated by appearances from the Aurora Borealis; these spectacular events played out in dramatic contrast to the nearly black and white landscape. There is no question that her desire to capture the spectacle of the Northern Lights led to the perfect interplay of light and color present in her carefully selected gemstones.

As a young woman, Cynthia toured the "Lower 48" of the United States to exhibit at retail gem and jewelry shows. Her ambitious schedule exposed her to every 'facet' of both the gem and jewelry trades. From rough gems to exquisite finished jewelry, Cynthia was fully immersed. For someone willing to ask questions, listen, and learn it was an exceptional (and unique) opportunity to expand and grow both as a gem dealer and as a jewelry designer. As a result of these experiences, Cynthia has developed a reputation among dealers and collectors as having an excellent eye for colored gems. The stones in her collection all reflect that expertise.

Today, Cynthia happily resides in the mountains of northern Utah with her husband, a geologist and paleontologist, and two cats (one which is perfect, and one which is perfectly ridiculous). The bead book her grandmother gave her so long ago still holds a place of honor in her library.