Alexandrite Contessa Ring

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1.25ct Alexandrite and 18 Karat Gold Florentine Engraved Ring, Handmade in Italy

One of the most prized and highly sought after gems in the world, natural Brazilian alexandrite, is an incredible addition to any collection. Brazilian alexandrite shows a very desirable blue tint to both the green and red colors. Alexandrites available today from other locations have a yellow or brown component to their colors, and the Brazilian material stands out for its superior colors.

This natural alexandrite from the famed Brazilian deposit does exactly what an alexandrite should do: it switches from a richly saturated purplish color (blueish-red) to a richly saturated blue-green, depending on the light source.   The stone is beautifully cut, and this stone is loupe clean. As this gem is expected to have visible inclusions, this kind of clarity is quite rare. This alexandrite checks off all the right boxes!

My 18kt gold Contessa ring is accented with six fine diamonds with a total weight of 0.18ct.  Every visible surface of the ring is finished with richly detailed Florentine engraving.  This ring measures approximately 13mm across at the top, and it tapers down significantly to a 5mm width on the bottom for optimal comfort.  The ring is a size 7.

This piece of jewelry was hand-fabricated and hand-engraved by goldsmiths in Florence, Italy.  Florentine Engraving is an Old World jewelry making technique and style that has been synonymous with the city of Florence since the 15th Century.