Chalcedony, Diamond, and Pearl Pendant & Brooch

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Carved Chalcedony Sculpture in 18kt Pendant and Brooch with Pearl and Diamond

The drama in this piece of jewelry can not be overstated; the large scale of the exquisite chalcedony and the gorgeous flow of the carving combine for an exceptional piece of wearable art.

As he is so famed for, Steve Walters took an exceptional piece of chalcedony and carved it into an elegantly flowing piece. The chalcedony is an intense natural blue color, and it exhibits a high degree of translucency. The 0.75ct diamond, set in platinum, is perfectly nestled into the carving. The removable French Polynesian gray pearl is the perfect accessory for this dramatic piece.

The hand-fabricated 18kt mounting allows this piece to be worn as a brooch, or hung from a wide variety of necklaces, including pearls. Robert Guyon, the award-winning American designer, conceived of this masterpiece. The piece measures approximately 70mm by 25mm, and the pearl is 12mm x 15mm. This exceptional piece was made in the USA.