Emma Graduated Diamond Band, White

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18kt and Diamond Graduated Band, Handmade and Hand-Engraved in Italy

Emma is an stylish blend of architecturally interesting pattern and artfully utilized negative space. This 18kt graduated band will be easy to incorporate into your jewelry wardrobe.

About 0.51ct of exceptionally beautiful diamonds are set into this geometric repeating pattern and act as a border on each edge. The underside is finished with a beautifully detailed engraved patter. This band is graduated for comfort, so it measures just about 10mm at its widest and about 7.5mm at its narrowest.

We are currently making this ring to order, and it can be customized with any color combination that you would like. This ring is gorgeous in colored gemstones, as well. Delivery will be made within four to six weeks; contact us for more details!

This piece of jewelry was hand-fabricated and hand-engraved by goldsmiths in Florence, Italy.  Florentine Engraving is an Old World jewelry making technique and style that has been synonymous with the city of Florence since the 15th Century.