Purple Garnet Cassandra Ring

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18kt Rose Gold Custom Ring with 0.98ct Purple Garnet

Purple garnet is a rare and truly beautiful gemstone. The intense purple flashes and sparkles gorgeously in this well cut gemstone, and because it is a garnet the color is completely natural. This stone shows a great color shift in different lights: sometimes it’s an intense ultra-violet purple, and other times it’s closer to a hot pink/fuchsia color.

This stone is so dramatic, even in the small size, that I knew the Cassandra ring was perfect for it. This exquisitely detailed ring is a clean and simple backdrop that allows the stone to shine, but it still has an important and custom feel. The rose gold is a perfect color compliment to the richly hued purple garnet. This is a great everyday piece of jewelry!

This ring measures about 6.89mm across at the top, and tapers to just under 2mm across at the bottom. This ring is a size 6, and is an easy sizing.