Purple Scapolite Bianca Pendant

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18kt Gold Hand-Engraved Pendant with a 4.11ct Purple Scapolite, Handmade in Italy  

I am pretty certain I can guarantee that you’ll be the only girl on your block with a purple scapolite pendant that was handmade in Florence, Italy!

This 4.11ct scapolite from Tanzania is a rare shade of silvery purple, and the color is exceptionally rich in the gorgeous Bianca setting. This particular hue of purple is unexpected and unusual for gems in general. 

At about 30mm from top to bottom, this pendant is a perfect size for daytime wear and it will transition well to the evening. This pendant comes with an 18" Italian chain.

This piece of jewelry was hand-fabricated and hand-engraved by goldsmiths in Florence, Italy.  Florentine Engraving is an Old World jewelry making technique and style that has been synonymous with the city of Florence since the 15th Century.