Stefania Graduated Diamond Double Band

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18kt Gold and Diamond Hand Engraved Graduated Band, Handmade in Florence, Italy

The Stefania collection is all grace and delicacy, and this 18kt band is an excellent example. This double stack of diamonds (0.54ct total) is held in an all white scalloped setting, entirely hand-fabricated and hand-engraved. The wide ring has great scale, but it isn’t visually heavy due to the open style of the setting.

This band measures a bit over 11mm at its widest and about 8mm at its narrowest, and the in-stock ring measures size 7 (it can be ordered to your custom size).

This band is currently being made to order, and delivery will be four to six weeks. There are many ways to customize this ring: diamonds all the way around, two tone color, colored gems, a single row or three rows of stones are all good ways to make your own unique version.

This piece of jewelry was hand-fabricated and hand-engraved by goldsmiths in Florence, Italy.  Florentine Engraving is an Old World jewelry making technique and style that has been synonymous with the city of Florence since the 15th Century.