Passion for Color

At Cynthia Scott, we believe in fine jewelry which is deeply personal. Every piece should be a thoughtful reflection of personal style and taste, not a mere repetition of the latest trends. With talented goldsmiths in New York, Los Angeles, and Florence, Italy bringing her designs to life, Cynthia endeavors to present every gemstone in jewelry designed for maximum beauty, enjoyability, and authenticity.

For decades, Cynthia Scott has been on a mission to cultivate a collection of exquisite, high-quality gemstones. She consistently seeks out the perfect blend of extraordinary color and spectacular cut. She personally chooses every gemstone carefully and deliberately: it may take looking through hundreds of gemstones to find one which pleases her critical eye. The results are a collection of brilliant gemstones in eye-popping colors which form the foundation for her one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. Cynthia finds inspiration for her jewelry in other treasures: from ancient coins and mother of pearl gambling counters to fossil and mineral specimens. 

Cynthia's designs balance old world craftsmanship with exotic gemstones cut to the most precise specifications. Cynthia's lifelong appreciation for design and craftsmanship from bygone eras heavily influences her style, but her aesthetic is approachable, fresh, and ultimately wearable. Her jewelry collections are designed to be worn and loved.