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Alexandrite 18kt Contessa Ring

Alexandrite 18kt Contessa Ring

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Exquisitely rare and richly sophisticated, fine Brazilian alexandrite marks the epitome of luxury in colored gemstones. 

This natural alexandrite from the famed Brazilian deposit transforms from a beautiful purplish red to a striking blue green, depending on the light source. A third color most easily described as a deep purplish blue is demonstrated in most of the photos accompanying this listing. The stone is beautifully cut, and this stone is loupe clean (highly unusual for this material). 

"Contessa" is richly detailed with fine Florentine engraving, creating an intricate backdrop for special gemstones. The wide, low-profile ring tapers to a comfortable fit underneath.

  • 1.25ct Alexandrite (Brazil, Natural)
  • 0.18ct Diamonds
  • 18kt Gold
  • ring size 7
  • product number: CHY-223
  • made in Italy by Cynthia Scott Jewelry


One of the more interesting phenomena in the gemstone world is that truly rare materials are not often found to be in high demand by the jewelry marketplace; they are simply too rare to be known of among the general public and are often relegated to collector markets. Alexandrite is one of a few gemstones for which high consumer demand competes with true rarity. Alexandrite's historical allure and association with Tsarist Russia has given it a place among the most coveted of gemstones.

Alexandrite is a chrysoberyl which exhibits a true change of color when exposed to different light sources. The best quality changes color completely. This gemstone was originally discovered in Russia, but today alexandrite can be found in Sri Lanka, Africa, and Brazil. The Brazilian source is widely regarded as the best material today; the unmistakable blue component makes for exquisite colors. Today, fine gems from Brazil over a carat in size are vanishingly rare and difficult to source.

To learn more about Florentine Engraving, Click Here.

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