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Tanzanian Pink Zircon 18kt Bianca Earrings

Tanzanian Pink Zircon 18kt Bianca Earrings

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These Bianca earrings feature gorgeous Tanzanian pink zircons. This particular color is among my favorite for jewelry. It is intensely flattering and it’s a match-with anything color with which blows away your typical “neutral.” Because these are well-cut natural zircons, the brilliance and sparkle are off the charts.

"Bianca" combines a dramatic shape with the most delicate Florentine engraving. The cushiony frame reflects light with a beautiful sheen, which highlights all of the finely executed details. The backs of these earrings are finished beautifully, so these earrings look amazing from all angles.

  • 2.27ct pair of Tanzanian Pink Zircons
  • 18kt Gold
  • approximately 27mm from top to bottom (1.06")
  • product number: Z-337
  • made in Italy by Cynthia Scott Jewelry


Zircons are among the most misunderstood of gemstones, which is a shame as they make exceptionally beautiful jewelry. Zircons are mined gemstones, and in fact scientists have identified some Australian zircons as being the oldest known mineral on earth.

Zircons are available in a range of colors, and they are famed and treasured for their exceptional display of fire and brilliance.

To learn more about Florentine Engraving, Click Here.

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