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Canary Tourmaline 18kt Aphrodite Ring (GIA)

Canary Tourmaline 18kt Aphrodite Ring (GIA)

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A rare canary tourmaline radiates with a luscious, lemony yellow color. Precision cut for exquisite symmetry and brilliance, this gemstone is pure, sunny joy.

The bold "Aphrodite" ring pairs knockout scale with voluptuous lines. Exquisite diamonds frame the canary tourmaline in an elegant and modern halo.

  • 4.57ct Canary Tourmaline (GIA Report #2195710282)
  • 0.60ct Diamonds
  • 18kt Gold and Platinum
  • ring size 7.75
  • product number: TM-20.3
  • made in the USA by Cynthia Scott Jewelry


Canary Tourmaline is a truly rare and exotic gemstone. Nearly all variations of yellow tourmaline exhibit some degree of orange or brown tone, whereas a Canary Tourmaline features a vivid lemon yellow. Some stones (including this exquisite 4.57ct example) will even shift slightly to show a chartreuse tone in certain lights. This material has only ever been found in two small deposits, and this stone came from the African find. This color is so exceptionally rare in tourmaline that the stone has been independently examined by GIA.
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