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Black Chalcedony Sculpture with Tanzanite in 18kt Brooch

Black Chalcedony Sculpture with Tanzanite in 18kt Brooch

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The boldly outstretched wings of this luxuriously carved black chalcedony sculpture by renowned American lapidary artist Steve Walters will be a graceful addition to any shoulder or label.

A single exquisite diamond accents the carving perfectly. The removable drop showcases a stunning 6.73ct tanzanite in a richly saturated blend of purple and deep blue which exhibits rich flashes of red; this is exceptional material, rarely available today. The tanzanite is accented with a brilliant diamond.

The hand-fabricated 18kt mounting is masterfully executed and compliments the sculpture perfectly.

As with all of ART Guyon's artistic masterpieces, this jewel was designed to artfully showcase what gifted human hands can create with natural gems.

  • Black Chalcedony (natural, carved by Steve Walters)
  • 6.73ct Tanzanite
  • 0.40ct of Diamonds
  • 18kt Gold and Platinum
  • approximately 70mm x 37mm (2.76" x 1.46")
  • product number: AG-21
  • made in the USA by Dalan Hargrave for ART Guyon


Tanzanite was discovered in the Merelani Hills (at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania) in 1967, and this remains the only place in the world this unique gemstone is found. Tanzanite is a variety of the mineral zoisite, and there is lively debate in the gemstone community whether the word tanzanite should be used to describe all gem quality zoisite from Tanzania, or exclusively in reference to blue-violet zoisite.

Tanzanite crystals exhibit strong pleochroism, which means that distinctly different colors are shown as you turn the stone to different angles. The finished color of the gemstone (generally blue or violet) depends on how a cutter orients the original material. At Cynthia Scott Jewelry, we seek out stones which exhibit both blue and violet with flashes of red; for us, this pleochroism is one of the properties which makes tanzanite so special.

Tanzanite crystals are initially sorted based on the intensity of color saturation; this is a gem in which the deepest saturations of color are the most highly prized. Interestingly, tanzanite is one of a handful of gems which requires larger body size in order to achieve the lush and velvety saturated tones for which it is famous.

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