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Oregon Sunstone 18kt Aphrodite Ring

Oregon Sunstone 18kt Aphrodite Ring

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This singular Oregon Sunstone was cut by master craftsman Derek Katzenbach, who is known for his elegant and modern approach to gemstone design. The deep, coppery color and exquisite cut combine to gorgeous effect.

The bold "Aphrodite" ring pairs knockout scale with voluptuous lines. A single exquisite diamond perfectly accents this designer sunstone.

  • 8.43ct Sunstone cut by Derek Katzenbach (Sunstone Butte Mine, Oregon, USA)
  • 0.08ct Diamond
  • 18kt Gold and Platinum
  • ring size 6.25
  • product number: MX-19.1
  • made in the USA by Cynthia Scott Jewelry


Sunstone is part of the feldspar family. While sunstone is found in localities throughout the world, Oregon Sunstone is the exclusive locale for sunstone colored by the presence of copper. This creates a range of beautiful and unique colors available in this gemstone. Oregon Sunstone also exhibits an effect known as copper schiller (or aventurescence); this phenomenon is most easily described as a metallic glitter which appears suspended within the gemstone.


Derek Katzenbach combines classical shapes with modern faceting patterns in a precise execution, bridging the line between traditional and contemporary cuts. His innovative approach and exquisite execution has earned Derek many awards and honors in both the gemstone and jewelry industries.

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