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Antique Gaming Counter 18kt Pendant

Antique Gaming Counter 18kt Pendant

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Antique Gaming Counters are an incredible artifact of a time and lifestyle in which every detail in life was elevated to the highest luxury. To consider such an exquisitely carved mother of pearl gambling counter as a predecessor to modern poker chips is truly remarkable. 

The gaming counter in this pendant features a charming vignette with two characters. This counter is of exquisite quality, showcasing exceptionally deep carving and a clean surface.

This gaming counter is set in a custom 18kt gold pendant, which was handmade and Florentine engraved in Florence, Italy. 

  • Mother of Pearl Antique Gaming Counter
  • 18kt Gold
  • pendant is 49mm long (1.93")
  • includes an adjustable 18" Italian gold chain
  • product number: GC-18.1
  • made in Italy by Cynthia Scott Jewelry


Hand-engraved during the middle period of the Ch’ing Dynasty…the last dynasty of Imperial China…the mother-of-pearl counters were made for the East India Trading Company and other European merchants who had settled in China. During this time period, trade routes with China brought back exotic silks, spices, and handmade goods never before seen in Europe. Anything Chinese was all the rage, and amongst the most fashionable items were the beautiful mother-of-pearl gaming counters. Many sets of gaming counters were custom made at the request of British nobility and royalty and would often incorporate monograms or family crests into the designs.

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