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Black Chalcedony Sculpture with Oregon Sunstone in 18kt Pendant & Brooch

Black Chalcedony Sculpture with Oregon Sunstone in 18kt Pendant & Brooch

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This natural black chalcedony sculpture, carved by renowned American lapidary master Steve Walters, features elegant carving contrasted with a rough stone texture. The sinuous sculpture is set with an exceptional cabochon of Oregon Sunstone which was cut to perfectly showcase natural bands of copper schiller. A single, natural pink diamond finishes the brooch perfectly.

The hand-fabricated 18kt mounting allows this piece to be worn as a brooch or hung from a variety of necklaces.

  • Black Chalcedony (natural, carved by Steve Walters)
  • Sunstone (Oregon)
  • 0.10ct Natural Pink Diamond (Argyle Mine)
  • 18kt Gold
  • approximately 80mm x 20mm (3.15" x 0.79")
  • wear as a brooch or a necklace pendant
  • product number: AG-2
  • made in the USA by Dalan Hargrave for ART Guyon


Sunstone is a member of the feldspar family. While sunstone is found in localities throughout the world, Oregon Sunstone is the exclusive locale for sunstone colored by the presence of copper. This creates a range of beautiful colors which are unique to the Oregon source. Oregon Sunstone also exhibits an affect known as copper schiller (or aventurescence); this phenomenon is most easily described as a metallic glitter which appears suspended within the gemstone.

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